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      The introduction of Chuan Yi:

Chuan Yi was established in 1985.At that time, the technique of  spraying technology has risen steadily and has a wide range of applications in the U.S., Europe and Japan, etc.  We anticipated that the spraying technology would bring great benefits on raising standards of industrial circle, saving energy resources and improving the environment.  Therefore, we introduced the technique into Taiwan and hope to do our best.


The Mechanical seal's designing and developing branch of manufacture was founded in 1986 to provide a service to customers.Prouucts are mainly applied in sealing system of rotating equipment for industrials of petrole,chemiacal,textile,refining,paper and pulp,power generation,steel,marine,food industry,etc.. We are all very successful in these cases.


Besides, we constantly recruit the new persons and new equipments, introduce the  new overseas technologies and technologies exchange with related research center.    Therefore we are dedicated to provide the highest quality, competitive price and  professional technical support.


We`d like to expand our operation and  provide the most professional service to  mechanical seal  department, so we setup "CHUAN YI MECHANICAL SEAL COMPANY" from 2006/2/1.   

We will serve all of you by the enthusiasm younger teams. Don't hesitate to tell    us if you have any questions.

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